I’m Christina – and for the ones, who don’t know me or are interested in what I’m doing right now…

I’m 19 years old, graduated last year and decided to use this year to do whatever I want to do. I worked, travelled, lived abroad, learned, sang, worked out, took photographs, wrote……and I’m still smiling, because I’m happy with everything I did, do and will do.

More about myself


I’m an optimist and I believe that everything happens for a reason

I smile at strangers, cheer people up and create a happy & positive  environment around myself.

Over all those years, I’m still happy and I can advise everyone to give the positive thinking a try! 

Keep on smiling 🙂


I look on earth nowadays and know that I want to do something to protect nature, our planet, our home. I decided to live a more sustainable life and I’m still improving. 

I’ve already changed my diet & my consumption. I buy different clothes and shoes. I buy local and organic food & goods. I try to live as waste-free as possible –  but there’s still a lot to do and I’m ready for it!

WE only have ONE planet earth.

Let’s get into it!


I love getting around, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. 

I lived in New Zealand for a while and started travelling. 

I’ll keep discovering new places – adventure is out there!

Come with me on my journey. 

Why I’m writing a blog…

I love writing. I love writing by hand. I love typing in letters on the keyboard of my computer. Since I'm little I've been writing. I like to write lists, little notes, letters or journals. I'm not an author, I don't write long stories or books. I just write. To get...
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My EcoLife – why and how I do it (:

brief summary: Why? In the last few years I got more interested in the world we live in, how our food and clothes are produced and what we can do to live sustainable. I watched documentaries, read articles, talked to people about it and that’s basically how I...
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How I experienced New Zealand – 21 facts

What people think of when they hear “New Zealand”:   Landscape. Kiwi. Lord of the rings. Sheep. Somewhere near Australia. Well… I can't say those facts are wrong…   Landscape? Beautiful landscape: mountains, lakes, beaches and the...
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Optimism – How I live a positive life

Positive thinking, optimism, positive mindset, creating a happy and optimistic environment around yourself… You can call it however you’d like to – I call it my attitude.   Over the last couple of years I noticed how beautiful life is, if we only concentrate on...
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The dream of living abroad…

In the last 18 years of my life I felt stuck. I felt stuck in a cycle of going to school, doing homework, meeting friends and repeating that everyday. When I was 15 or 16 I realized I wanted to go abroad – I wanted to start a new adventure, maybe get the chance to...
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